The Alpha's Young Mate

The Alpha's Young Mate

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"Mine!" I growled as she walked out the room.

"What?!" Her mother asked.

"Your daughter she's my mate." I said.

"NO!" She yelled. "YOUR 16 AND SHE IS 10."


Alexia is a 10 year old girl that is doing normal 10 year old things. Except getting a mate already. The weird thing is her dad's best friend and her sisters brother.

Tanner is a 16 years old and haven't found his mate yet. Until he really takes a good look at his little sister's 10 year old best friend. He starts to realize that that is his mate.

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Cuteness2004 Cuteness2004 Jun 20, 2018
I was 11 when I wanted to die. Well I was bullied alot and now I'm older I still am suicidal. You saying she is dramatic, I was bullied told to kill must and I don't have the best family life.
coleemberlanash coleemberlanash Feb 19, 2018
I imagined the pedobear song after this sentence anyone else 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
D3c3mb3rba3 D3c3mb3rba3 Jun 23, 2017
It's funny because the girl playing Alexis in real life is Madison Beer and everyone makes jokes because she is Dating Jack Gilinsky who is a few years older than her. They make jokes saying she needs to stop skipping school,that she's like 10, and Jack is her babysitter.😂
brendonsleftasscheek brendonsleftasscheek May 08, 2018
gawd. when i was ten i was still watching Dora and ranting about how boys are 'yuck' and have 'cooties'
Magcon_Lover_4ever01 Magcon_Lover_4ever01 Jan 23, 2018
Is it said that when I was ten I had already dated 6 guys and had been married twice......... WITH A RING POP OF COURSE
XRoyalPainX XRoyalPainX Jan 14, 2017
This bitch look like she 16 stop this fuckery and pick a different character.😂😂