Hush (student/teacher)

Hush (student/teacher)

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Blair is simple. Boring and simple, but that all changes when she turns up to class one day with a new language arts teacher. 

Nikos Lekkas is new to this school as the language arts teacher. He's ready for anything that life has to throw at him. 

Except for Blair.

He's not ready to have feelings for his best friend's daughter.

    Harry4Ever123 Harry4Ever123 Sep 04, 2016
    It just like that movie with cameron diaz and ashton kutcher what happens in vegas lol
    xacifba xacifba Feb 06, 2016
    17yrs is nothing my parents are 11yrs apart and I know this girl that her parents are 27yrs apart
    TRBravo TRBravo Jul 22, 2016
    An annulment is not a divorce. They didn't consummate the marriage so it's not official and can be cancelled via annulment. No divorce necessary.
    BoomPies BoomPies Mar 02, 2016
    Just take off the damn ring and forget it, no ones gonna know 😂
    Kasivalle21 Kasivalle21 Jul 20, 2016
    Wet Dreamz by j.cole just started playing.. coincidence? I think not.
    ChileW2 ChileW2 Oct 07, 2015
    that IS a predicament when ure her teacher, which means she has to hide it from school and home.