My Dear Step-Brother

My Dear Step-Brother

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Katie By Skittle_Lover123 Completed

First book in the Dear Trilogy 

Luna Queen is 16 years old, her mother died when she was 9 and she was left alone to live with her father, who was more worried about work then taking care of his only child 

7 years passed and now Luna's father is giving her the 'fantastic' knews that he is getting married 

When Helena moves into the house that once belonged to her mother, with her 18 year old son, Angel, everything changes

And to say that Luna is less the exepting of them is an understatement

What happens when Luna pushed everyone away and is left only with her new step-brother? 

What happens when they start feeling things that should never be felt between two people in their position? 

Find out in My Dear Step-Brother


  • family
  • forbidden
  • hate
  • jealousy
  • lies
  • loss
  • love
  • secrets
Their parents are inconsiderate assholes for just springing that on them like that. You don't just invite someone that is a complete stranger and their son to your house and say, oh, by the way, we're getting married in a month.
Beautiful_Starz Beautiful_Starz Oct 03, 2017
Bruh if this was me, my attitude would be at a 100% like a fully charged phone smh 😒.... I AIN'T MOVING!!
In order for him to be even just fifteen, his mom would be thirty, so she's what 34?
Anti_Outlawed Anti_Outlawed Aug 24, 2017
How can other girls look at blonde boys, like ew. Brunettes are just bae, especially those Italian men!
gres2364 gres2364 Oct 06, 2016
Love this book to pieces. Your an amazing writer. Keep writing
themochithatwrites themochithatwrites Oct 19, 2016
Just a friendly reminder... No offense, but could you put full stops at the end of each paragraph?