Secret Life (Detective Conan Fanfiction)

Secret Life (Detective Conan Fanfiction)

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bourbon007 By bourbon007 Updated Apr 27, 2015

Shinichi Kudo join the CIA Secret Organization and after 10 years he want to be a free agent. Free agent is a agent that go freely (not working at the headquarter) when there are missions just call them. This is what happen

Shinichi POV

(At the plane going to Tokyo, Japan) it's been 10 years since I left Tokyo. Jeez, I want to see my old friends again but I can't show myself. Maybe I can just spy on them (laughing) 
(Arrival) Well, first let's check at my house (At the house) Hm? What's this a bill or an invitation maybe (holding an envelope and opens it) Hah!! It's an invitation to Ran's marriage. I can't believe she is marrying somebody else! Huh, It's okay though, I can't meet her either. But it's just.......I can't believe it.! And hell what? It's said 3 PM which is 30 minutes again....I better dress up and wear a hat! 


Yay, I'm marrying somebody after this. He will be my husband.....but I just can't stop thinking about Shinichi..... but my husband loves me more than he...