Light in Dawn

Light in Dawn

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Anne Eryziel By 12Anne16 Updated Jun 21, 2017

Andriana Crystal had lived with the Lucas family since a young age, playing the role of a quiet adopted daughter. On the outside she is cold and laconic - she hears and sees more than most. Surely it wasn't normal to overhear all the bickering in the neighbourhood, or being able to listen in for all ten classes running in the building at the same time? 

A sort of curse seemed to have fallen on her since the age of fourteen. To hide it, Andriana found herself re-dyeing her hair every fortnight and wearing sunglasses day and night, indoors and outdoors. She'd thought it was a secret she had to carry to the grave -

Until someone came along and took those glasses away. " It's not a curse," Julyan told her, "It's a gift. You're an Elemental -  a Rare Elite. You don't remember how many people in the Otherworld would kill for that status?"

[ Negligible reference because I've totally forgotten about this part of the plot: All while an evil plot  was on a run. To break free of the curse, shall ice melt in midwinter, snow falls in midsummer. ]

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ephemorescent ephemorescent Jun 01, 2016
That's kind of terrifying. 
                              Poor Julyan. He seems to be handling it well though.
Innieminnnie Innieminnnie Jul 15, 2015
I like the girl's personality, but....I don't think her classmates would have screamed like mental patients all because of a handsome guy with silver hair - I wouldn't, that would be embarrassing.
Roozzo Roozzo Aug 07, 2014
Conceal don't feel don't let them know... Well now they know LET IT GOOOO LET IT GOOOO! Sorry
SilviaV SilviaV Dec 26, 2011
@12Anne16  Yup i definately loved it!!!! =D =D =D Yeap it is a rare name but not sooo rare in Greece!!!! =p
12Anne16 12Anne16 Dec 25, 2011
@SilviaV O_O
                              You loved it? *beams* *skips around*
                              And I thought Andriana is a rare name.  xD That's excellent, then. ^_^
                              THANK YOU~ It's actually my edited a million times version [huge exaggeration] so I'm proud of it ^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed this~
SilviaV SilviaV Dec 25, 2011
@12Anne16 Awwwwwww!!!!!:D:D:D I JUST LOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!! =D=D=D
                              You know my bff and soon to be wife of my brother in law is named Andriana!!!!!!=D
                              Amaaaazing!!!!!!=D Really well writen and U describe everything perfectly!!!! Awww!!! U are a natural there!!!=D =D