Jack Frost's Asisstant Contest Oneshot- Snowboarding accidents

Jack Frost's Asisstant Contest Oneshot- Snowboarding accidents

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hm....i really like the name Luna...yeah, call me Luna By xXxBelieveinyouxXx Completed

Hope's POV

It was Christmas, and i was on the park bench, alone. i was an orphan, and a freak. Why? because i could do something no other person alive would do. Call me crazy if you will, but i could heal, and i could control Water. i've gotten so good at it, it advanced to ice.. Believe it or not, but i'm telling the truth. i've lived in the Foster home in England for 12 years. i could remember when my parents died, at the time i didn't know i had these 'abilities'. our house caught on fire, they burned down with my house, luckily, that was when i got my power for water, it save me. i'm 17 now, Happy, mysteries, if you will, and very...colourful. i had a huge imagination.

a girl with butt length hair and blue eyes came by, she peeked at me. i smiled up at her nervously.

"Hi, i'm winter, what are you doing just sitting here?" she asked out of the blue. i shrugged

"debating whether i should get a cupcake or not...." i said, eyeing the shop in front of me. she laughed

"Well, Merry c...