[Abandoned] Seven Years... [Natsu x Reader]

[Abandoned] Seven Years... [Natsu x Reader]

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YungJoeCheek By CheekiBastard Updated Jul 06

[EDIT 7/6/2017]
After the past few years of hiatus.
I've officially announced the ABANDONMENT OF THIS STORY-


When Lucy first joined, you were only 11 years old. Though, when you saw Natsu and Lucy together, and have their little 'moments' you were sorta jealous. You always thought of Natsu, as an older brother, but you began to have a weird feeling for him at the same time. Eventually, The S-class excams came...by then, Team Natsu returned...but found out you were gone. What happened? Were you still in Fairy Tail? Or did you disappear, forever?

poppyppop poppyppop Jul 06
OK then and you think reader sounds like erza take back that yeesh and put it on yourself your story it already copyright so like anybody could in the first place not like I wanted to I'm not goods at xreaders or fanfics with already made characters
screamingloudly247 screamingloudly247 Aug 30, 2016
*Raises hands* I wasn't going to steal your idea, I swear. (Really, I won't. )
EmiliaMin EmiliaMin May 16, 2016
*sweatdrops* Dont worry author-sama... We wont copy your idea.. ^¬^
CheekiBastard CheekiBastard Nov 19, 2015
Please stop sharing your breast sizes. It's really not needed.