My bday vacation with kevin Ortiz.

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marivera556 By marivera556 Updated 2 years ago
Only read if you speak Spanglish so you could get it!!:) lol.  Also read if you love Kevin Ortiz.
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Omg omg did you really fuck him and did this really happen?!?
Wait Isnt Oscar Like Really Young Thoe?? I Love Kevin Ortiz,He Is Sooo Cute!
Omg who wouldnt want that to happen to them!!! Can u do one about Gerardo Ortiz??
Umm I really like how my ratchet ass says cabs are here!! Hahaha
You erased what I put?! You suck.. Lol jk I love you(: hehe I'm in your book cuz(: wait till you see my next chapter...hehe