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Who We Are [Bellamy Blake]

Who We Are [Bellamy Blake]

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Sabrina By UnderMySkin Completed

OLGA KURYLENKO AS ETAIN FROM CENTURION IS ATHENA (please stop asking me who she is in the comments, please.)
When a Grounder from the Ice Clan is summoned to the Woods Clan to help with the battle against the Sky People, she intends to wipe them out. With a record of merciless killing, training that leaves a fraction of the trainees dead, Athena lives up to her name. As she leaves the chill of a distant mountain top, she and her mate, Aslan, bring their best army to assist in ridding the Earth of the Sky People.
When Athena is sent to investigate and study the leaders of the Sky People when one of their own is kidnapped, she encounters one of them known as Bellamy Blake. Will her connection with Bellamy Blake deter her from killing them when the time comes? Or will she live up to her name and bring war upon them as they have never seen before?

**Most characters and plot line belong the Jason Rothenberg, The CW, and Kass Morgan. I only own various characters of my own creation**

mukeasy mukeasy Dec 24, 2016
it is almost christmas yet here i am starting a new story that will probably capture my heart and mind
Kitty916 Kitty916 May 06, 2016
I love u she is just like me or i am just like her but yaya her names athena just like me and were both brunetts yayayayyayayy its like im in the story. PS sorry for being annoying im just excited
-deviouswallpaper -deviouswallpaper Nov 21, 2016
I chose to read this because my cats name is Athena and I thought this would be interesting. And i read your other book lol
izzless izzless Dec 19, 2015
Random fact: Did you know that because of the difference in temperature, blood bounces off snow a few times before settling? I saw a video of it and it was so pretty
Aarrya Aarrya May 27, 2015
This first chapter is really good ! Athena seems much badass than Avarice ehe
                              So happy your story begun after all the Charlotte thing because I don't like this part and I read it too much in fan fiction
                              I will read it tomorrow, one more in my reading list ! :D
UnderMySkin UnderMySkin Mar 06, 2015
@Cigarettes-and-effy That will be a while as I want it to be real, more authentic, but it will happen :)