Fallin(boyxboy) (Rated-R)

Fallin(boyxboy) (Rated-R)

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We all the Same By bnguyen4500 Updated Nov 21, 2014

New Student.

These two letter words says it all.

Max is a new student. He is a junior. In a Kansas was known as the best street-fighter. Streetfighter for 2 years since freshmen. Only lost one fight. Max been living in Kansas majority of the time alone while his parents were working in Texas alot. Parents are doctors that are known as Big Shot Doctors. At first they didn't want Max to leave his friends, but then they got worried and moved Max to Texas, to make the family whole again since they are having a baby girl in 3 months. Max moves to Texas to go to his new school Jefferson Davis HighSchool.

Ryan the star quaterback of Jefferson Davis Highschool. Makes All A's and B's except and one class in that class is Chemistry. Have a little sister Emily is in the 7th grade.

Come and read the adventure of these two teenage boys.

I suck at descriptions but this story is really good.

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denny1 denny1 Jan 19, 2015
lol it sucks being  new meat .. good chap an she has got one huge surprise coming when she trys  sinking her claws in an finds max bats for the other team!!! lmao
denny1 denny1 Jan 19, 2015
Lmao just exactly  2 years late but kool start. an the first chap is most important  I like it ;)
- - Apr 30, 2013
Keep writing! It's really good so far! You haven't even written that much and I'm hooked! Please update soon!
Randichris Randichris Jan 21, 2013
This is pretty good; I like how you put a lot of details from start to finish. And yeah I do see some mistakes but not too much, re-read it out loud you’ll see them. 
                              But please update soon kay? :D