The Gay Project.

The Gay Project.

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This new organisation, The Gay Project, has come up with a way to prove to people that being gay is not a choice. 

They picked eight straight different men from different part of the world and took them to an island they own. Of course, the men don't know this but we do.

So for survival before help comes, they will be given tasks and be living off the rewards. At first it would be simple because we are giving them time to form a bond before things start to get steamy and very gay.

    The Gay Project will prove to you audience that in good times and bad, love always finds a way to bring two people together. But will it be able to bring at least two straight men or make all of them gay? 

I mean, it is a gay project.

[May contain scenes with Strong language, Violence and Mature Content. Viewers discretion is advised]

_AlphaRedEyes _AlphaRedEyes Dec 11, 2016
Um you see, the difference between you and me is that I'd take every single piece of luggage I have with me BEFORE the plane would blow up so I'd have no reason to panic
- - Nov 23, 2016
                              I'd murder them all and eat them if that's what it took
Holy mother of ketchup that's huge. I SMELL SOMETHING FISHY HERE
Hey watch what you say. I'm American, and Mexican, I got my moves.
LazySide LazySide Jan 24
I would say close enough but it isn. That's okay it's better than Illinois
Now we're talkin, I mean I'm not from LA, but I'm from