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Kayli Porterfield By werewolfgirl28 Updated an hour ago

For as long as I could remember, the werewolf community was ruled by one king. Arsen Shepherds was feared by all. If he found you guilty, than you can expect the sentence of death. At the ripe age of 24, Arsem has been through more than anyone could imagine. From his parents death to the death of his best friend and sister, he has learned to lock his emotions down and control with an iron fist. The thing about Arsen? He doesn't want mate. 
Noelle Harper seems like the average teenage she-wolf . At the age of 17, she has never once been in trouble with anyone. She does what her father and alpha ask of her and never complains. She is a shy girl who loves nature, The thing that makes her different from every other she-wolf, she's actually half angel. Her mother being an angel, has taken off after she was born and hasn't been seen since. Raised by just her father, she has turned out pretty well. Noelle is ecstatic about meeting her mate and dreams of who he could be. 
What happens when the yearly Golden Ball occurs and Noelle is required to go? What will Arsen discover when hosting the ball he hates so much? Will they discover what they want and need? Will Arsen change his mind about wanting a mate or will he continue to live and rule alone? Find out in Your Majesty's Angel.

kjameson_32 kjameson_32 Apr 30
And I'm pretty sure she has accepted you m8 or she wouldn't be kissing ya...
Egreeley Egreeley Jul 29, 2016
Since it's not letting me see he picture, I looked up 'Fergie' and it showed a woman looking in her early 30's throughout.
ByarfKitteh ByarfKitteh Jul 19, 2016
guard* God*
                              Sorry, I just had to. It sorta bugs me, but don't take it personally. Just use this as future reference, please. Thanks!
celestemagix celestemagix Mar 10, 2016
No need to justify a time skip to us! :) Just put a bold/underline that says something like "3 hours later..." or "Arriving at the house..." but minus the quotes.