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Love, Bad Boy, Love.

Love, Bad Boy, Love.

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Dollface By unfilteredvoid Updated Oct 23, 2016

She didn't know she was broken
 until he came and put the shards back 

Didi_Sastra Didi_Sastra Jul 06, 2016
I'm extraordinarily adventurous and my family say and I quote: "Didi, we know you just want to live your life to the fullest but please we are tired of you coming home with wounds. It just breaks our hearts." I got hurt so many times that I've grown immune to pain, physical that is.
universalmist universalmist Oct 10, 2016
OkAY I GOT SCARED YOU ACCIDENTALLY DELETED ALL THE CHAPTERS, but I can't wait till you're done rewriting it ❤
BlackLittleStars7834 BlackLittleStars7834 May 03, 2016
It's really good. Other than a few grammatical changes it's perfect🙂🤗🙂
Didi_Sastra Didi_Sastra Jul 06, 2016
Something more? Damn. All books get me hooked right there. The suggestive sentences, you got to love them
thebotch020914 thebotch020914 Aug 01, 2016
Please do notttt stop!!!!  I will cry for days😭😭😭😭
Didi_Sastra Didi_Sastra Jul 06, 2016
Trick Question: How do you measure the butt of a cheerleader?