The Gifted One *Rewriting*

The Gifted One *Rewriting*

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My Happy Place By Forever-Shorty Updated Jan 18, 2016

An orphan child called Isabella was found in the woods and was taken in as a member of the Alpha Smith family. She lived among the White Moon pack to be a 'fake'. No one liked her, they bullied her and made her life a living hell, except for the parents, they knew nothing about it. 
She ends up having enough of this, after having an incident at the pack house with the family. So she ran away, but she accidentally crossed the territory of the BloodStone pack. 

Bloodstone pack is the bloodiest, scary and most powerful pack in the world, lead by the youngest and most powerful pure black alpha, alpha Blake, her mate. 

She is a gifted child, blessed by the moon goddess. Any human will kill for one of these rare creatures. What happens if the rogues and humans work together to destroy all the packs and get Bella for her powers.

Can she master the powers of the gifted one?


(CC) Copyright 2015

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Jk_kara7 Jk_kara7 Apr 26, 2016
Native American names, I love it because I'm a Native American
Intoxicated_Bliss Intoxicated_Bliss Sep 25, 2015
You're an omega. Her rank is higher than you, You better watch it!
Intoxicated_Bliss Intoxicated_Bliss Sep 25, 2015
Wow....You will leave your family for a stranger baby? Yeah they can survive but that's still fûcked up
LightAngels LightAngels Sep 10, 2015
You would also be my favorite If I had Dakota and Carlton(that's their names right idc) they're asśholes