The Humping Games  [The Hunger Games Fanfiction]

The Humping Games [The Hunger Games Fanfiction]

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Katlick Eversweet hopes her name will be drawn for the 69th annual Humping Games. The world will be watching the sexiness unfold :D
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-misscatastrophe -misscatastrophe 19 hours ago
This is EXACTLY what Katniss was thinking lol 
                              (Except she didn't want Gale to come)
Lovelydevil21 Lovelydevil21 3 days ago
Couldn't everybody that wanted to do this weird game just run out there and yell to volunteer as tribute?
MOANA!! wait, of course they would choose that name, it  has the word moan in it. Damn it! I've been infected!!!