Tamaki X Reader: Be my Senpai!

Tamaki X Reader: Be my Senpai!

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Walls_ By Walls_ Updated Feb 10, 2017

Your parents and baby sister died and a fire and had you and your older brother had to move to Japan to live with your grandparents.  You go to Ouran high school and when you're about to flee school, you run into haruhi. You and haruhi become good friends, so she introduces you to her friends, the host club. 

Then who knows what else will happen?
Read and find out!!

I do not own Ouran high school host club.

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VroomVroomMF123 VroomVroomMF123 Jul 11, 2017
Is this algebra one? Cuz me about to take it in 8th instead of 9th
PaigeRobertson952 PaigeRobertson952 Aug 14, 2017
I have.......questions 
                              1. Does my brother strip?
                              2. Is he dating someone named Natsu?
                              3. Does he have a group of friends that call themselves Fairy Tail?
                              And 4. I don't strip do I?
-AntiSocialTrashcan -AntiSocialTrashcan Apr 08, 2017
                              Gray:What the--How did you follow me here????
jailborn jailborn Apr 07, 2016
juvia? did you lose gray or something????
                              Juvia- GRAY-SAMA!! :3
Nightwalker322815 Nightwalker322815 Dec 28, 2016
Gray Fullbuster was it,right? So my name is (m/n) Fullbuster!
PawsomeGirl12 PawsomeGirl12 Mar 04, 2017
Syd, Ariel, Sydney Australia, Sydney Montana, and boobur.........hahahahahahaaha