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~~In Which The Punch Proves Too Tempting For The Monkey~~

April 8, 1890, Mobile, Alabama
Second Age of Pax Lincolnia

At nineteen years, Miss Adele de la Pointe hadn't yet figured out everything, but three things she did know. She never wanted to marry, these society parties were an utter bore, and her pet monkey was about as genteel as a roly-poly at a butterfly tea party.

"Put that down." Adele snatched a doily from Loki's hairy fist and looked around the sunlit grounds.

Be-ribboned and be-bustled ladies sauntered between tables covered in crisp white linen and half the available lace on the Gulf Coast, but none looked her way.

Whew. No apparent witnesses to Loki's shenanigans.

She smoothed the doily onto the lawn table, only a tad wrinkled from her monkey's antics. Antics she must quell were she to survive this affair.

"Loki, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't pull another stunt."

Her capuchin monkey nuzzled her cheek, and the chinstrap of his oyster-shell helmet chafed her ea...

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