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Sidemen One Shots! [COMPLETED]

Sidemen One Shots! [COMPLETED]

959K Reads 15.5K Votes 176 Part Story
Tami SDMN By TamiiiJ17 Completed

Sidemen One Shots {Completed}

Preferences, One Shots and (some) Imagines included

Rated R (Smut) and boyxboy are included, read at own risk.

By boyxboy I mean like Emon, MiniMerkaa or MiniZerk, MiniStar123, ZerkStar123, KSMINTER or KSimon and many more! 

Also if you use my ideas then please give me credit for it because I work really hard on these. 

Thank you x

1SIDEMEN1 1SIDEMEN1 Sep 08, 2016
I can only imagine ethan saying the last 2 word 😂... oh boy!!
Gggirl1224 Gggirl1224 Jan 23
Me: yes i get is as straight as a circle
                              ethan: no ruler
                              me: so rainbow
zerkaawyd zerkaawyd Feb 29, 2016
Straight as a ruler. Ah I'm not uh OH I GET IT! Cuz his dicklong style- wait that's not it. Maybe his arms are long? No that's not it. Am I just stupid or acting weird. JK JK I KNOW WHAT IT IS MAN I LOVE U GUYS
Hurshii Hurshii Sep 30, 2016
I was watching tv the other day and it was one of those 'sponsor a child today' things and it said, "Sponsor a child like Emon today." And I must have looked evil because I burst out laughing xD
Munchkins4life Munchkins4life Aug 18, 2016
I want Simon to be gay (even thought I have a huuugggeeeeee crush on him) because then he wouldn't have a girlfriend!
batman_kayaxx batman_kayaxx Aug 12, 2016
I don't ship it :( don't hate me emon shippers. I'm just a Ksimon/ MiniShaw person