*Simon's POV*
I woke up to someone leaving kisses on my faces, but I didn't open my eyes instead I grabbed the person and pulled them on my body so they were laying on me. I open my eyes to be greeted with my beautiful girlfriend y/n looking at me.
"Hi!" She innocently said while smiling, I chuckled
"You just get beautiful everyday" I said, she blushed and hid her face on my chest. This time I laughed and moved her hair to one side.
"You can't hid forever love" I said, she moved her head a bit so she could look at me while still laying on me
"Why are you so nice?" She asked me while playing with my hair
"Because your my girlfriend and I love you y/n" I said. She looked up at me before kissing me. The kiss slowly started to get heated and next thing we knew our clothes were off.
After our little heat section, we both decided to go downstairs. As soon as we got downstairs and into the kitchen; we was greeted by the other sidemen.
"So y/n it sounded like you and Simon were having fun!" JJ said smirking while looking at y/n who was sat on my lap. She hid her face on my chest again which caused us all to laugh
"Oi, leave my girlfriend alone" I said
"Wasn't planning on doing follow up questions" Josh said
We all started laughing again...

This was my first one shot, let me know if you want more. Also I might be slow on updating so sorry if I am.
Tamiii xx

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