Obliviate My Choices {Book 4}

Obliviate My Choices {Book 4}

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{Book Four in the Obliviated Series}

Who would have thought it'd end up like this?

Not Rory. Having her heart smashed apart by the only person she trusted broke her in unimaginable ways--ways that opened up healing wounds. Rory has changed. 

Everybody has.

Hogwarts becomes dramatically darker, everything beginning to lead up towards a finale. Sam is trying to juggle two very different lives, Alia is struggling to hide a part of herself and Arthur is having trouble gaining a voice.

But in the end, it all boils down to Rory's choices. There are so many paths and choices to be made this year, between people and loyalties, memories and repression. 

It's all down to Aurora, and this time she can't forget this...

KaitieLoo KaitieLoo Jun 10, 2016
They.get married after hooking up in england for ross's wedding that didnt work out
PoisonedYouth57 PoisonedYouth57 Jul 28, 2016
Dory is life but i love them as really great friends(arthur and rory that is)
Graffitied_Galaxy Graffitied_Galaxy Nov 04, 2016
If she's a death eater than Jia died for nothing and she's abusing her and Sirius's death!
*smiles a creepy smile and holds up the knife* die bitch die! *stabs Cameron, then Mark, goes home covered in blood*
natellaaaaa natellaaaaa Jul 27, 2016
where can i find an arthur? I mean i have a friend named arthur but u need someone like this arthur in this book cuz damn thats friend goals right there
DitzyD DitzyD Jan 22
Draco looked up to his father... I can see why it hurt him almost as much as loosing his girlfriend.