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S. Mᴀʀ By foreverpurple1000 Updated Aug 20, 2015

❝ My love for him was like a riptide- a strong current leading into the catastrophic disturbance of both of our lives.❞
     Asher Collins has really done it now-  
     Sick of his rural life in Alaska, his dream to live in the city of big lights is seemingly crushed when he lands himself in the town jail- the exact place he was trying to get away from. Technically, it wasn't even his fault that he was in jail, it was his dim-witted, testosterone driven friend who did it.
Regardless of whose fault it is, Asher is stuck in jail until who knows when. When the sheriff proposes the ultimatum of working off his debt by helping the family living a few miles away or stay and rot in jail until he is released, the opportunity to leave is too good for Asher to pass up. 
     Rosemary Patterson doesn't have time to worry about the man that the sheriff says will help her. She's gotten along taking care of her two younger siblings without her parents just fine-that is until a tree lands on her house from an Alaskan blizzard.
     Asher plans to work off his debt during the winter before booking a plane ticket straight out of this hell hole. It's all simple until he meets Rosemary.
     Even though Asher seems to have no recollection of ever meeting her before, Rose remembers him all too well. 
     This time, Rose is determined to guard her heart better than she did two years ago after that incident with Asher. The fact that Asher doesn't remember her shouldn't even bother her, it will only help her move on from the past- at least that's what she tells herself.
     Besides, if he didn't even remember her as the girl whose heart he broke, how hard could it be to spend this winter with him?
Cover made by: @Taintedkiss

WEML101 WEML101 Mar 07, 2016
I love the beginning of this story so far!!! I've seen that u haven't updated since last year... I hope u update this story soon cause I can see myself getting attached to this already lol :)
the0dd1sout the0dd1sout Jul 26, 2016
How is gale a baby when their mother died 3 years ago??? Wait...
the0dd1sout the0dd1sout Feb 27
Wait... how long ago did her mother die? She said a year and this guy is saying a few years. Also, if it's been a few years why is her brother still a small baby?
orbitals- orbitals- Jul 22, 2016
Wow that hurts he caused her all that trouble and doesn't even remember
linda7973 linda7973 Jun 11, 2016
I am confused, how is it they have a baby brother and their Mom died 3 years ago?  I would understand if he was a toddler but from how he is described sounds like he is less then a year old..
noteast noteast Dec 02, 2014
Cute Christmas story with a good plot enough drama and back and story and cute guy name (srsly tho Asher <3)? YAAAAAAS