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Otaku Problems

Otaku Problems

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Magic_Tea_Cat By Magic_Tea_Cat Completed

Being an otaku is hard. Can you relate to these problems? 
Update: This is cringy. I wrote the beginning of this when I was getting into anime.

silver_kin silver_kin Jan 24
Black Butler or Angel Beats! I'm pretty sure my first was Black Butler thi
kstarrose kstarrose May 29, 2016
I read through all of them, You must be me. I have All these problems XD
ChatNoirIsBadass ChatNoirIsBadass 2 days ago
From what I actually remember, the thing that intrigued me was Sailor Moon. Cue the unicorns stabbing me!
yergirlkimmy yergirlkimmy 4 days ago
Mine was pokemon... when I was like 5 (if we talk about when I really got into anime though it was fairy tail)