Mine To Love (manxman)

Mine To Love (manxman)

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M.T. Jones By M-T-Jones Completed

Jeremy has loved Frankie for thirteen years. Unfortunately Frankie is his very straight best friend and Jeremy has resigned himself to the fact that his love will always be unrequited.

It took seeing another mans hands and lips on Jeremy for Frankie to finally see what he's always overlooked. He loves his best friend. Not in an 'I love you man' kind of way, but a real 'I can't breath without you' kind of love.

Is it too late? Can a misunderstanding keep them apart?

**Warning. This story is meant for mature 18 years + readers. It has scenes of man/man loving and strong language. If these things offend you please stop reading now. You have been warned.

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                              Were we talking about the buns of the patties? Or.........butts?
Sooo....Your not a virgin?...Or...Is your relationship...Like...No smut?
kingjemmy kingjemmy Jan 14, 2016
At first I thought he was saying he wanted the guy who was kissigg Jeremy to be his.
LadyDrak1075 LadyDrak1075 Oct 19, 2015
Oh.....wow!! This is a very interesting beginning......sounds like they have feelings for each other that need exploring!!
KaySetonks KaySetonks Oct 06, 2015
Great start and if only jeremy knew what we know, his poor little crushed and broken heart could start to mend!     I wonder who is going to find the courage to speak up...........lead on I like your style..
Distortion Distortion Jun 11, 2015
Very nice start (///▽///) Can't wait for more ( ^ω^) I adore best friend crush stories (*˘︶˘*)