Oreo's: The Love of A White Man (Complete)

Oreo's: The Love of A White Man (Complete)

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Danielle Thompkins P.O.V

"I don't even like the black bitch."

"You need to be with your own kind."

"Why are you dating white men? You hate us black men that much you step out to fuck some cracka?"

"They both should be ashamed of themselves."

"That's disgusting."

"Fucking oreo's."

"The light of which is life, always becomes darkness which is death." This was my saying that I made up. It was something I found myself saying at times. It seemed no matter how things were, someone always found a way to ruin it. If it wasn't Toby's mother, it was my parents, or society, who always seemed to turn their nose up at us. The only one accepted us was my best friend, Lola, and his father, Johnny DuVall, he is 48 years old, 6'3, works out at least twice a day. You'd never know him to be almost 50, but it's sad to say that he's married to the bitch of the Wicked West. He's been so supportive of his son and I's relationship over the years that I call him dad. As my parents they hate Toby. Why? B...

CloverKingston CloverKingston Oct 13, 2017
Why do grown women do this leave the pouting to babys and children younger Tham 15
doughnutunicornzzz doughnutunicornzzz Oct 29, 2017
When I ask my mom to get me ice cream but she say no 😥😥😥
Clobenzo Clobenzo Aug 19, 2017
Bruh I literally just said that 😂😂😂😂😂👌👌🖤
YoureNotMee YoureNotMee Oct 20, 2017
I would've laughed at his name... Bitch Do it look like I wanna be with Donald duck 😒