One Hell of a Maid (Black Butler FanFiction)

One Hell of a Maid (Black Butler FanFiction)

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Ashlee By SkyAngel_ Completed

"Alright last question, Sebastian?" Ciel asks, letting his butler ask the final question.

"Will you obey the young master's every wish and live up to the Phantomhive servant's good name?" Sebastian asks, his face all seriousness.

"Yes," I say

Then with a small grin I say, "And I promise you I'll be one hell of a maid too."

Ebony Shale, the beautiful girl with a dark past and an even darker future.  How will she cope?

Disclaimer: This book is a Black Butler Fanfiction but the occurring events are my original idea though some events are based on Black Butler.

JoSam2889 JoSam2889 Jan 03
I Read It Like "Sebastian Rapes His Gloved Hand"
                              I died of laughter xD OMG hahaaha xD
Kawaiikuroneko96 Kawaiikuroneko96 Dec 20, 2016
Lol my last name is actually 'Tanaka' so I was like, "Grandpa is that you!!???" While watching Black Butler😂
I... I Can't tell you what I'm thinking right now. That... was... beautiful.
omIimgonnakms omIimgonnakms Dec 30, 2016
Tanaka, we've talked about this.. you cant be Santa Claus! You aren't fat!
FINNY!!!! MY LIL' CINNAMON ROLL!! (Dont you dare say I copied you or something, I cled him that once I started watching BB)
I thought that was a creepy french guy for a second.
                              Creepy french guy: ho ho ho~