The Crows Warning

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pwg7892 By pwg7892 Completed
A woman wakes up on the ground of a forest in the middle of winter - dead of night, with no memory of how she came to be there.
Wonderful! Would love to see a full story made out of it. Would love to know what all she remembers and where you would take the story. Brilliant piece!
I read this last summer on another site and loved it! I never knew the author though. Haha I'm glad I found you and your stories. XD
@pwg7892 You can bet your buttons you will! I love your writting so far
This is wonderful! great descriptions! I am wondering what she remembers. I think it would be interesting if  you added on to this!  Great job!
o.O This was awesome. The dark creepy image of the crows was amazing, and I felt the confusion and wonder the woman did. This was really well written. I love how you ended it, with an unsure note. I can't help but wonder where this could go. Wonderful job!
Ok i just read this story and it creeped me out cuz im gonna go to bed in a few mins and itz like midnight and my name is julia like the girl from the story so nightmares here i come! Lol. But i did love tht story it was very well written!!! Keep writting.