TMNT x Reader

TMNT x Reader

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Anna By Anime-4-Life Updated Nov 01, 2014

        You had been resting peacefully on the turtles' couch when you felt yourself being moved. You jolted awake with a startled gasp, struggling blindly for a moment in confusion.

        "(Y/n), (Y/n)! Calm down!"

        You stopped squirming, recognizing Leo's voice. Your eyes adjusted and you saw his cobalt blue eyes watching you warily and with worry.

        "L-Leo? What's going on?" Your voice was rough from lack of sleep; you hadn't been sleeping well for over a month before you met the turtles.

        "Nothing," the ninjutsu student assured you. "You looked uncomfortable, so..." His cheeks turned a darker colour. "...I was going to let you sleep in my bed, and I'd take the couch."

        Your mind was muddled from just waking up, especially after the confusion faded.

        "Mm..." you hummed, closing your eyes again.

        Leo started moving again and before you knew it, you were being laid down on a soft surface, his arms leaving you and the warmth fleeing fro...

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Nerd_Alert_707 Nerd_Alert_707 Apr 05, 2017
All I can think of is Garroth screaming "I HAVE TO GO FEED MY CAT!" And than he jumps through a window
Enderman325 Enderman325 Mar 27, 2016
I'm naming these dots after the Crystal Gems (Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst lol)
WolfShaft8004 WolfShaft8004 Sep 18, 2015
"You're acting we're about to get freaky or something just lay down 4 the lulz!"
leoluver12 leoluver12 Feb 08, 2015
Dat was so cute! I've always wanted a kitten, but I'm allergic...
leoluver12 leoluver12 Feb 08, 2015
OOH DOTS! I shall name you Marie Antoinette de la Sinqillia, Kayo Anastasia Crysanthe Yukimura, aaand Jeff.