Ninjago One Shots [COMPLETED]

Ninjago One Shots [COMPLETED]

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Joy By LegoNinjagoFanatic Completed

You were texting your friend in your room. It was just a normal conversation. You were crushing on Cole and she was listening. You suddenly started to smell...smoke?! You run out of your room to the kitchen to find a cloud of smoke and someone coughing. You quickly grab the fire extinguisher and shot the stove. There was a loud sizzle and then the smoke lighten.

"Cole?! What the hell?"you scream.

You look around the kitchen. Thankfully there was no damage. The stove was fine, but the frying pan was burnt to a crisp.

"Sorry Y/N. I was trying to cook something."he says.

You chuckle lightly.

"Cole, what did I tell you. Don't cook unsupervised!"you laugh.

"Everyone else gets to cook by themselves!"he argues.

"Because they can actually cook!"you giggle.

He looks at the frying pan and throws it in the garbage.

"Then, can you help?"he asks.

You felt as if you were going to pass out! Cooking with Cole!

"Sure!"you smile."What did you want to cook?"

"What do you think?"he jokes.


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Morros_Daughter Morros_Daughter Nov 22, 2017
Damn, I love you too cake. Of course I'll be your girlfriend
MoonTehSloth MoonTehSloth Dec 11, 2017
i'll marry that cake instead of Cole, it asked ME COLE DIDN'T
Kaospersona Kaospersona Dec 12, 2017
Cute, but the " being right next to the next word is kinda bugging me.
WriterandReader102 WriterandReader102 Jul 17, 2017
Me/Tessa: Y/n you sure you wanna do that?
                              Y/n: Sure!
                              Me: Jay! Kai! Zane! Joy! Nya! We need hazmat suits!
                              Jay: On it sis!
LizzyLove5023 LizzyLove5023 Nov 30, 2017
Wow that is A LOT of hands! Everybody must love the cake, am I right???😘😘😘🍰🍰🍰🎂🎂🎂 ...
                              Lol cake you deserve respect!❤️🍰
Minaruto1 Minaruto1 Sep 04, 2017
Hell I'm kidding of course I would you can eat the cake now
                              Cole: really!
                              Me: yeah
                              Cole: yay