Consistent Love (AlyDen)

Consistent Love (AlyDen)

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Den's Pov

For the past 4 years of my life, I've been trying to show her that I love her. That I'm the one for her. But she sees me as an annoying person who keeps on being with her, even though she is deliberately showing me that she is pissed with me. I may sound desperate and pathetic but, I'd rather look stupid than give up the fight even if I know that I already lose it in the first place. I just want be at least around her. To see her happy even if its not me who makes her happy. I just wish that I could get over this insanity.

Aly's Pov

I know she love's me and is trying her best to win my heart. But I love someone else. I tried to push her away but she's consistent. I wish I could teach my heart, so that I can love her back. But I can't. I guess love is really crazy. Because you love the ones who doesn't love you back.

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NOVE_06 NOVE_06 Nov 08, 2014
nice story...nasktan aq for den ahhhhh...pag ibig nga namn tsk tsk tsk !!!