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FALLING for YOU by kengjoonki
FALLING for YOUby jon_luna
I whisper ''I'm afraid of falling'' She smiles ''I'll catch you''
My Extraterrestrial Girlfriend (Aly-Den) by andreaaleno
My Extraterrestrial Girlfriend ( Andi ★
"Why am i so different mommy?" "Because, your special..." "But Mommy, does it mean i'm not normal?? Because i had powers but they aren't had??&q...
Safe. by clouded_mindd
#3 hbw
Jayumi fanfiction.
With You by Jaydengsss
With Youby Jaydengsss
Den became interested with someone.
My Little Valdez feat. Alyden by AlexAgreda08
My Little Valdez feat. Alydenby Alexandra
This story is a continuation of Manipulate. Supposed to be a 5 chaptered story and ended up with a 20 chapter mark. Wanted to know what pushed me to do so? Then read thr...
One Shot Stories by _dadummy
One Shot Storiesby theregoesanother
UAAP Short Story Fanfictions
We're Meant To Be (JB Fanfic) by NhelNiDencio
We're Meant To Be (JB Fanfic)by DeMaraWongFML
gxg Story || Jhobea Fanfiction || #TeamReal #1415ever || Kapit lang mga beh Meron yan Trust the Process || at sa hindi Comfortable sa gxg Story wag niyo na po itong basa...
Perfect by bbgirlxxx
Perfectby h
A BeaDdie / JiBea / JhoBea Fanfic. g x g
Good Night My Moon by BaeSamly
Good Night My Moonby BaeSamly
Is it worth it to sacrifice? Why love always hurt? -mixed๑
Billionaire's Daughter by bnm_08
Billionaire's Daughterby bnm_08
JeDean, JhoBea, AlyDen, ToLine, JaYumi and PongDie fanfiction story ☺️🏳️‍🌈 Sorry first time kong gagawa ng story kaya pagpasensyahan nyo na lang ang daloy ng kwento☺️...
Sooner (One Shots) ALYDEN by SamanthaFort213
Sooner (One Shots) ALYDENby ThousandPieces
You will always have that "someone" you want to come home to sooner...
She's My Everything  (Bea and Jho) by annabanana_111
She's My Everything (Bea and Jho)by Alianna✈
"She's everything to me...My Heart, My Soul, You are the Best of Me."
Half Life (GxG) by Agent1007
Half Life (GxG)by Agent1007
Some people say that there's no such thing as Vampires and Werewolves, But what if those "some people" are the Vampires or Werewolves, what would you do? AlyDe...
With A Smile by hansyyy3PO
With A Smileby Hansss
Let's enter another parallel universe where AD becomes #TeamReal PS. This one's pure fictional tho. forgive me huehue.
Instagram - jedean au by unexpectedt
Instagram - jedean auby unexpectedt
scroll, scroll, double tap, scroll liked by @deannawongst and 513 others @deannawongst started following you started: 06/16/18 ended: DISCLAIMER: Photos, videos or any...
I Didn't Fall for Nothing by lilshyheart
I Didn't Fall for Nothingby Shy Heart
Alyden story. A Fanfic story. I fell so hard,so hard that she didn't managed to catch me well and we both got injured. I'm tired thinking of the What ifs and What if...