Never by DejaVouh
Neverby JowBeyuh
(IMPORTANT!) {May SPG!} JhoBea and onting AlyDen! Hi poooo!!! first book ko lang po ito! at ito ang mga KATHANG-ISIP lamang! maghintay nalang po kayo sa mga update kasi...
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the arrange marriage (alyden) by andreaaleno
the arrange marriage (alyden)by Andi ★
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  • denniselazaro
So In Love (AlyDen story) by kaleluc
So In Love (AlyDen story)by kaleluc
Is love enough? Can love conquer anything?
  • ateneo
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Alyssa x Dennise by _seccret
Alyssa x Denniseby TSN
After much thought, I am making this a oneshot compilation. Enjoy reading!!!
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Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You(SPG) completed by grayshinpark
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love Gray
Dalawang tao nagkatagpo sa inaasahang pagkakataon tunghayan ang love story ng ALYDEN at san ito tutungo.. paalala ang mababasa ay rated SPG bawal ang mga bata d...
  • love
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Volleybelles One-shots by Team_MikaReyes
Volleybelles One-shotsby Team_MikaReyes
KaRa, JhoBea, AlyDen, MikaSa, MiBea, etc. short stories. Drabbles in my head put into paper.
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Love, Dennise by mellow_clairo
Love, Denniseby Devon
After reading letters that were left on his front door, Levi finds himself going through an adventure to find his ex-girlfriend Dennise who disappeared after their brea...
  • alyden
Save my World  by grayshinpark
Save my World by Gray
A human who became extra unique than others. A silent human that catch the attention of a popular girl in their campus. Will this human fall or not when he knows that...
  • den
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VA: School Of Magic Ft. AlyDen by ramsyBEAR
VA: School Of Magic Ft. AlyDenby Maniaxc 👓
I'm Alexander Leathan Yurael Valdez. A transferee. A newbie. A weakling. But there are still secrets that remained unveil that a curious cat wants to explore. Read and...
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Us Versus Them by Jaydengsss
Us Versus Themby Jaydengsss
AD Fanfic! :) it's me, Jaydeng1415. I'm back.
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  • adfinity
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The Heartless Person   (Ft. AlyDen) by ramsyBEAR
The Heartless Person (Ft. AlyDen)by Maniaxc 👓
~~~ Highest Ranking Achieved #38 in FANFICTION ~~~ What if the one you love the most leaves you? What if your EVERYTHING becomes your NOTHING? What if your CREATION bec...
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You Made my HEART (JhoBea) by AlPia_-_-
You Made my HEART (JhoBea)by Pm
A woman afraid to forget. Bea de leon have athazagoraphobia( the fear of forgetting, being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced). Her confidence returned only to a wo...
  • ella
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Let's Make It Official by Jaydengsss
Let's Make It Officialby Jaydengsss
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Healing Touch by dnllekthrn__
Healing Touchby Danielle Kathreen Blanco
"I will do anything in my power just to save you, baby." Deanna said while tears kept falling from her eyes. "Don't cry, my baby. All you have to do is t...
  • adamson
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I Like You So Much  by grayshinpark
I Like You So Much by Gray
Tell me the truth, do you love me?- Aly No, but I like you so much-Den This is story will be for you until then...I love you
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Take Her to the Moon by mellow_clairo
Take Her to the Moonby Devon
Second book of Dancing On Our Own If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to tell me any of it, just give me a message and I'll see what I can do.
  • alyden
Not This time by Pressuredme
Not This timeby Maki Little
A legacy that she wants to change. Most of this will be in English not because I'm good at it but somehow I can construct thoughts in this language better than Tagalog...
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  • maddiexsecrethahah
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You Are My Love by JhunnieBacani04
You Are My Loveby Jhunnie Bacani
This story is tungkol sa dalawang mag kaibigan na nag mamahalan pero isa man sakanila ay hindi alam na mahal siya ng bestfriend niya so ayun na nga nag mamahalan silang...
  • alyden
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FALLING for YOU by kengjoonki
FALLING for YOUby jon_luna
I whisper ''I'm afraid of falling'' She smiles ''I'll catch you''
  • alyden
But I love Her by _Beadeleon1408
But I love Herby Isabel Beatriz P. De Leon
Paano kung ang magulang ng mahal mo at ang magulang mo ay may past at pinapalayo ka ng nanay mo sakanya, gagawin mo ba? Paano kung papiliin ka, ang magulang mo ang taon...
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