Happy pill by AlyDen_1302
Happy pillby Abril
Darkness is the new light.
  • alyden
  • sweet
  • friendship
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after // alyden by denniselazaros
after // alydenby denniselazaros
"this is not a story about heartbreak, it's about what happens after. "
  • dendenlazaro
  • ateneoladyeagles
  • denniselazaro
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DenLy ficlets by hiraethAD
DenLy ficletsby ad's baby
One-shot and ficlet compilation, yay!😛💙 Requests are accepted. peace ad love 🤗
  • oneshot
  • denniselazaro
  • alyssavaldez
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Clouds  by insertname08
Clouds by Atenista
What if the biggest plot twist has come to your life? Pano kung ang malaking dagok sa buhay ay dumating sayo ng hindi mo inaasahan? Makakyanan mo kayang mawala ang pinak...
  • alyssavaldez
  • dennis
  • ateneoladyeagles
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The Heartless Person   (Ft. AlyDen) by ramsyBEAR
The Heartless Person (Ft. AlyDen)by Maniaxc 👓
~~~ Highest Ranking Achieved #38 in FANFICTION ~~~ What if the one you love the most leaves you? What if your EVERYTHING becomes your NOTHING? What if your CREATION bec...
  • lgbt
  • gxg
  • fanfiction
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So In Love (AlyDen story) by kaleluc
So In Love (AlyDen story)by kaleluc
Is love enough? Can love conquer anything?
  • admu
  • lazaro
  • lady
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AD by EatingMachine29
ADby Siel
An AD oneshot compilation.
  • wattys2018
  • fanfiction
  • alyden
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Marrying A Womanizer by TheInvader09
Marrying A Womanizerby OrdinaryOne
This is just a FanFiction Again This is a FaNFiction🚨⚠️
  • alyden
  • denden
  • fanfiction
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Psycho (Book 2) by insertname08
Psycho (Book 2)by Atenista
After all the troubles of Alyx and Den, it was a good life to meet them. Will this good life continue? or will there be another problem?
  • dendenlazaro
  • alyssavaldez
  • ateneoladyeagles
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Perfect by Juanadel13
Perfectby Juana
Kathang isip lamang to mga friends HAHAHAHA i hope u like it! Lablab!
  • ấd
  • alyssavaldez
  • alyden
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Kindred Soul by lovinglylucid
Kindred Soulby shaya martinez
  • alyssavaldez
  • ấd
  • alyden
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Day started writing: 181228 Day finished writing: -
  • denniselazaro
  • alyssavaldez
  • byela21
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The Side Story (MikaXAlyssaXDennise) by andreaaleno
The Side Story ( Andi ★
Alyden x Mikasa
  • dendenlazaro
  • teambabe
  • mikasa
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Volleybelles One-shots by Team_MikaReyes
Volleybelles One-shotsby Team_MikaReyes
KaRa, JhoBea, AlyDen, MikaSa, MiBea, etc. short stories. Drabbles in my head put into paper.
  • jhoanamaraguinot
  • denniselazaro
  • aragalang
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Instagram - jedean au by unexpectedt
Instagram - jedean auby unexpectedt
scroll, scroll, double tap, scroll liked by @deannawongst and 513 others @deannawongst started following you started: 06/16/18 ended: DISCLAIMER: Photos, videos or any...
  • ateneo
  • volleybelles
  • wong
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"Kisap Mata" by NikkiILVYRG2625
"Kisap Mata"by SWEET SMILE♥
Pag ikaw ay nag mahal walang pinipiling oras,petsa,kasarian o kung ano pa man. minsan nga kung sino pa ayaw mo noong una, doon ka pa pla tatamaan. kahit na ano pang pi...
  • alyden
Healing Touch by dnllekthrn__
Healing Touchby Danielle Kathreen Blanco
"I will do anything in my power just to save you, baby." Deanna said while tears kept falling from her eyes. "Don't cry, my baby. All you have to do is t...
  • jhobea
  • bea
  • ale
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I Got You (AlyDen Oneshots) by calisondenden
I Got You (AlyDen Oneshots)by Reen
Prompts, Songs, Drabbles about AlyDen and the rest of ALE. Mostly AlyDen
  • alyden
  • ale
  • nevershallwesink
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Forever In A Lifetime by SamanthaNicoleMajan
Forever In A Lifetimeby Samantha Nicole Majan
maybe not all about jhobea, it is also compose of the member of AWVT💙 I promise that this will be the story that you'll waited for, hope you lav'it❤💋
  • valdez
  • awvt
  • ale
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To the Moon and Back by ELLEmnop01
To the Moon and Backby Marielle Manalo
How will you know na seryoso na sayo yung tao? How will you know when to trust? How will you know na siya na talaga? Bakit ka niya iniwan? Bakit ka niya pinagpalit? Baki...
  • jedean
  • maddiemadayag
  • jiaddie
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