A Little Too Late

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Anna By comeatmeharreh Updated 3 years ago
Daniella.. A girl who fights the best she can to have a better life taking care of her younger brother and sister. Her aunt is always out drinking and she never wants to talk about or remember to uncle. Her younger sister only really smiles at Danielle and when she listens to One Direction.. Its only when the boys stay at a hotel not even 10 minutes away from their home that Daniella realizes how much her sisters happiness means, that she would do anything to get her to see them. When and if she does, she can't help but to feel something for that emerald eyed, curly haired boy Harry. With life getting crazier day by day, she try's to make everything better and happy, but it's just A Little Too Late..
Woow This is awesome i could actually see it in my head :) Well done AND i didnt mind the misspelled words at all