Undeniable Attraction - Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader

Undeniable Attraction - Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader

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A/N : Just a fluffy Kuoo x reader fan fiction.

Hope you like it and will leave some feedback to help a lil oneshot spread. Thanks!


    Kuroo has had a mad crush on you since the two of you became classmates. It wasn't obvious at first, for the flirtatious raven-haired lad has always been the playboy of school. Even his 'hello' seemed to be aimed on getting as many young ladies' hearts as he could fit inside his pocket. You never liked that side of his, even though he claimed to not have intended to act like a jerk.

    You would've stayed nonchalant and ignorant towards the boy if only you hadn't grown to see how different he acted around you. Unlike other girls, he treated you in a peculiar, gentle way, maybe he never wanted you to see that, but you still did and soon you started to feel comfortable in his company. He was funny, attentive, polite and sometimes - protective. You could tell he held feelings for you, for his urge to feel y...

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