A Tampon Stole My Virginity

A Tampon Stole My Virginity

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"They say the first time is the most memorable."

For Clarity Aims, getting her period did a lot more damage than dirtying her panties and giving her mood swings. After one horrible mishap, she manages to catch the attention of the entire student body. This means getting her reputation destroyed and nearly taking away everything that makes a teenage girl blend in with the scene. 

Who would have known that one little incident was capable of causing such a big mess? 

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I love being on my period bc it's Give me an excuse to be lazy and stay in bed all day , I take pain relief tablets like candy, and if I want to swim I just put a tampon in,
The period hole is not straight up, it's curved differently to every girl 😊
THATS NOT TRUE, it would not hurt unless YOU PUT IT IN WRONG so don't blamed your little vagina AND LEARN 😂😂👍🏻
It does not hurt  in less its in wrong you also should not feel it unless it the wrong size or again its in wrong
ur_bbg_kay ur_bbg_kay Aug 16
I dont wear anything white period unless its shoes. Whenever i wear anything white on my period, it gets stained.
                              Whenever i wear anything white while off my period, I get ketchup on it. EVERYTIME! EVERYTIME I HAVE AN EXCUSE TO WEAR WHITE, KETCHUP SOMEHOW ALWAYS GETS ON IT😭
I'm only 15 and I use them every month they really make life easier