Broken Kiss (a Teen Wolf story)

Broken Kiss (a Teen Wolf story)

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Broken Kiss - a Lydia Martin-Peter Hale story.

Peter Hale was mad with the need for vengeance when he tore into Lydia Martin, awakening her latent banshee abilities. He was desperate when he used the power of his bite to force her to resurrect him. Now that he's in control of his mind, she's the one bright thing that he cannot ignore.

Lydia's life was turned upside down and torn apart, first by Peter Hale then by the loss of her first love and best friend. Unstable banshee powers are a curse for the intelligent, logical young woman, though she refuses to let anybody else see how much she's unraveling. And, among all her uncontrollable feelings, the way she's drawn to Peter is the craziest.

She should hate him. He shouldn't care at all for the collateral damage in his past. But they can't stay apart. Will Peter's nature - his hunger for power and drive to possess - break Lydia, or will she tame the beast that may not be a monster after all?

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