The Lost Princess (Edmund Pevensie)

The Lost Princess (Edmund Pevensie)

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SimplySammi By SimplySammi Updated Aug 26, 2015

If you read this story before hand, I made some very important changes to it. I decided I wanted to go a different route. So please re-read, Thank you. 💛

I know Selena Gomez is a bit over used on wattpad as a face claim, but she passes for a Telmarine and she's really pretty. (I'm not a fan myself though.) 

Hope you enjoy! 

"Caspian, Caspian, wake up!" I hissed through the darkness, knowing my best friend was sound asleep at the worst time possible. 

Just then Caspian's teacher Cornlieus snuck threw the door in a panic. I felt the urgency to save the princes life grow stronger.

"I'm trying!" I whisper, finally smacking Caspian on the head frustrated at him for sleeping so soundly. 

"Five more minutes." He moans rolling back over. Boys. I swear.

"We're not looking at the stars tonight my prince, you need to wake up." Cornlieus stated being more kind than I could, walking over to the dresser to grab a few things for the princes journey. 

"Why?" Caspians shoulder le...

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Ah yes, the Giant Flying Pigeon Thing. One of the more rare species of Narnia
EnglishStorytellers EnglishStorytellers Jul 29, 2016
*snaps fingers* it was a griffin actually 😂❤️ just joking loving the story so far xx
SamBookLove SamBookLove Oct 29, 2015
For one moment I thought he's gonna say:
                              "Do you want to make out or not??"
SamBookLove SamBookLove Oct 29, 2015
If no one would use them,they would be not overused so don't worry 😉
Ranting_life Ranting_life Sep 27, 2015
The ones that are really over used are Emma Watson and Lucy Hale
hooplahoop hooplahoop Feb 02, 2015
Yeah, everybody always stops reading lol. My book is the same way