The Witness Protection Program (Teacherxstudent) (GirlxGirl)

The Witness Protection Program (Teacherxstudent) (GirlxGirl)

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Tyga By Tygahh Updated Sep 18, 2017

Brooklyn-Jay Daniels is a 25 year old English Teacher and she has been since she 21 years old. One Day coming home from work late she witnessed a murder. But what's worse that witnessing some one be brutally murdered ? having the attacker see you witnessing it .

Micah and 17 year old delinquent who got nothing better to do than to fuck around get high with her friends is in for a rude awakening when her parents informs her that she's going to have a house guest for the next few months by the name of Karter Mosley. What she didnt expect is for it to be this good looking woman.

The woman formally known as Brooklyn-Jay but now Karter for legal purposes has to move all the way across the world into a house with a family she doesn't know that has a daughter with a bad attitude. Can these two survive the things that life throws at them. Can Karter help cure Micah of her bad ways and will Micah be able to protect Karter from her demons both mentally and physically ?

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daddyyarti daddyyarti Jan 22, 2015
Lmfaoo. I would've told the police it was joke. I was just playing and ran like hell.
MyiamLove MyiamLove Jan 09, 2015
Yup, if I was her I would have peed my pants at his nick name.
lemonSqueezy21 lemonSqueezy21 Sep 13, 2014
so far I like. I'm jux super excited and can't wait till u start the story