Lavender Raindrops

Lavender Raindrops

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Becca MacCeile By BeccaMac1 Completed

Dear Reader:

September 11th, 2001, changed the world. As a young woman of fourteen living in the Midwest USA, I was able to understand the gravity of the situation, yet I still hadn't developed the maturity to cope with it. On October 11th, I picked up a pen and never looked back. 

Lavender Raindrops is my very first novel written to completion. It took three hectic years to wrap everything up, creating an expansive cast of characters and plot twists. The rollercoaster ride following Jenna throughout her life as she explores devastating loss and the beginning of new life is chaotic, emotional, fantastical, and often irrational. Yet, in a way, it mirrors my journey as a budding author exploring and honing my craft. 

Lavender Raindrops is not my best work. I shelved the project many times before committing it to my collection. While it may not be my best, it is an essential piece in my quest toward authorship. Perhaps even with all of its bumps and bruises, it will inspire someone else to take the plunge with their creativity and join the ranks as a "real" author.