Loretta: Story Of A Big Girl

Loretta: Story Of A Big Girl

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Danny Dawson By danny_dawson Completed

Life is precious, right? 

Of course it is because if there is no life, there'd be nothing.

Well, what if someone else's life intermingles with another person's life and they make something beautiful?

Oh, that sounds perfect.

Loretta's life is surrounded by hatred, disapproval, and isolation all because of her size. Its quite unfortunate for and the situation only gets worse when she has to be at home with her abusive stepfather. 

One day, everything changes when some person comes in her life and just changes a life of sadness to a life of happiness. But there's a catch to happiness.

Not all happily ever afters come easily and this one is going to take some willpower and some poor lives.


lakenyans lakenyans Feb 26, 2016
Spitting is the ultimate disrespect boo... Shoulda fücked her up
Ramallahdagreat Ramallahdagreat Dec 27, 2016
HOT FRIES HOT FRIES HOT GUYS HOT FRIES they my favvv thing to eat
meganisluv meganisluv Sep 13, 2016
I would have stickers that show so far up her azz she would taste the shoe and her split on her tongue
912mademe 912mademe Mar 06, 2016
If she would've said face i would have died literally spitting is the ultimate low I'll ki|| a bitch for some disrespectful shid like that
kweenslaay kweenslaay Jun 22, 2016
Never thought a plus sized black girl would let people bully her 😂😂😂 nahh that couldn't be me
912mademe 912mademe Mar 06, 2016
Girrlll if you about to call your self far no mam that is not fat at all