Save Me From Me •Complete• [Editing]

Save Me From Me •Complete• [Editing]

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Serenity P.o.v

"Justin how could you ever do something so foul like that?" I asked him as I felt the burning sensation in my eyes. Here comes the water works. He embarrassed me in the cafeteria. He told everyone I slept with him, and I gave him chlamydia.

"You know what I want. Did you think this was going to last? I mean you're beautiful, but look at you. You're a mess. You're not shit. Why don't you start back cutting, and kill yourself! Get the fuck out of my face." Justin spat at me. His words burned deeply.

"Y-y-you don't mean that." I told him as I tried to grab onto his hand. He pushed me back, an punched me in the eye.

"Don't put your fucking hands on me. Damn Precious looking bitch. Now either you're going to give me the pussy, or you're going to run back to Malik. Hurry up my sloppy toppy appointment is waiting for me." He said.

I don't like him to give him the most precious piece of me. I shook my head no, and headed for the door. I soon felt my hair being pulled he threw me on the chair.

"Please don't do this Justin." I searched his eyes, and they was jet black. Honestly, he looks so different. Almost like he was on some type of drug.

"Bitch I'm getting what I want today." He said. I felt something hit my head then I was knocked out.

Will Serenity ever have a normal life? Will Serenity ever get her "White house, with the picket fence?" Or as most say "The American Dream." Read more to find out.