Forced to marry my bully

Forced to marry my bully

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Whiteley By I_lUV_NASH_GRIER Updated Apr 28, 2016

Hey guys this is my newest Hayes Grier fan fic so I hope yall enjoy! In this story the ages are

Hayes & Alyssa- 17


Nash- 19

Cam- 19

Jack J. & Jack G.- 20

Matt- 19

Shawn- 19

Carter- 21

@libtana it's a fanFICTION, fiction is not real, it's not suppose to be realistic and if you have a problem with this story then don't read it. and actually it kind of is realistic because in some cultures families do force daughters into marriage
ilovejeff6 ilovejeff6 Aug 11, 2014
I wish stuff like that could happen getting all the classes the same as my bf