The Queen's New Pet (A Black Butler Fanfic)

The Queen's New Pet (A Black Butler Fanfic)

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Everyone knows who the Queen's guard dog is: Ciel Phantomhive. What happens when the Queen finds another pet, this time a sly kitty with her unearthly butler, and decides to make a team of the two? 

Excerpt from Chapter One:

 "Lady Maria Elrose, also known as the Queen's kitten."

The butler's eyes widened a little bit before he was rudely shoved aside by a smaller boy with an eyepatch and one blue eye that was visible.

"She's a girl?! An actual girl?!" He looked her over, his shock momentarily showing.

"You are the Queen's dog, are you not," Maria replied. "I do not believe you are an actual dog either."

Ciel looked long and hard at her, realizing that she wasn't just some ditzy - animal - pet of the Queen. 


 Excerpt from Chapter 10:

Sebastian slowly shook his head, and Ciel closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair, his untouched tea sitting on the table before him. Anyone - human or demon - could literally see the worry rolling off of him in waves. Sebastian himself felt a twinge of... something. 

"I will find her, my Lord." He bowed deeply as Ciel responded.

"You had better, I ordered you to."

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sprange8432 sprange8432 Jan 02
Maria: ...ok...ok...i can dress myself up thank you VERY much...
SkylaIce7 SkylaIce7 4 days ago
well he does love kittens so it wont be a problem if you ask me
RedCherryRosa712 RedCherryRosa712 Dec 28, 2017
wait are we talking about the same William as in the grim reaper?
JadynEve12 JadynEve12 Jan 03
Ah I see, this is a different William 
                              His symbol must be an ostrich
Face palm* 
                              A kitten?!!! Seriously!!! Why not just call her Catwomen!!! Or Catgirl to put more cherry on top(note the sarcasm)