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Haikyuu! Imagines x reader

Haikyuu! Imagines x reader

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Un-Awesome Hiatus :^) By Meowfa Updated Aug 29, 2016

Hello :3

I obviously seem bored enough to ... Do this.. This thing :v So thanks boredom! Anyway, in this thingy... You're with a various Haikyuu chara in a various situation! Fun right? =w= Another fun thing is... You can request that various situation :3 but of course, I will need a break and have to close the requests :v but for naooooo~ I'm free and bored :v
Oh, and please do tell me if I make some typographical errors (;u;) Knowing me, I would go and change some spellings when I'm too lazy to type though :v lolz 

Requests: Open :3

M'kay.. imma shut up nao (/°^°)/
I hope you enjoy (;u;)

SeikoTanikawa SeikoTanikawa Nov 28, 2016
This is AHOMINEzing! 
                              Pls kill me, Izuki-Senpai. (╥_╥)
chubbykats chubbykats May 15, 2016
Omg Tobio no.
                              Stop. Tobio. No. Just. Stop being so freaking adorable.
The_Insane_Reader The_Insane_Reader Jan 17, 2016
i wish i had someone that have Sugamama-like personality (\(;A;(\) . . . 
                              can anyone get me a cookie and a glass of milk please :v //slapped
taevjams taevjams Jan 14, 2016
                              CZ I'M A CHAMPION N UR GONNA HEAR ME RAWWWRRRR
                              OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
DeathTheKidx10 DeathTheKidx10 Jan 07, 2016
Ooooooh Kageyama in the anime would've said you scared?? アップ男!! Lol
- - Jun 26, 2015
i was like
                              wat reference
                              then three seconds later
                              OOOOHHHHH HARUHI'S FEAR OF THUNDER