The HighSchool Slut

The HighSchool Slut

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Peanut Butta By ChocolateSauce182 Completed

Katie is the slut of Angel and Star High School. Even if she doesn't want to be. 
All the boys want her for her "magic tricks" in bed. 
Surprisingly, she has a few friends. But those friends aren't as loyal as they say there are. 

When the new boy, Alec comes to school, Katie's world shatters into a million pieces. 
He's just so perfect. 
But he is very mysterious
Mysterious, sexy Alec
The boy nobody really knows anything about 
The secret boy who tends to stay quiet unless he's with Katie or his friends 
Mysterious little Alec who loves Katie with all his heart

Katie longs for a better life, but never changes her ways. 
Will it always be this way for her? 
Or will she fix up her life for Alec?

  • fiction
  • love
  • school
  • sluts
ChocolateSauce182 ChocolateSauce182 Jul 09, 2017
Everyone has a problem with this, and to be quite honest, MY teachers would give me a colouring in sheet if I was done. *shrugs*
rac9787 rac9787 Jul 12, 2017
The words are Katie, Angel, and Star. Kate, Angel and Star from Maximum Ride anyone?
KH61404 KH61404 Dec 19, 2016
Hello to all readers if you take reading requests would you like to read my book and vote on chapters you like? If so the book is called Misunderstood Wolf. Thank you.
Chomdawgunicorn Chomdawgunicorn Aug 11, 2014
Is it ironic that I had my spotify on shuffle and while reading this, Grind With Me came on