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The Forgotten Potter

The Forgotten Potter

106K Reads 3.1K Votes 17 Part Story
Sarah Lou Who Thats Who By hybridhuman316 Completed

Braelyn is Harry Potters twin sister.  Dumbledore sent her to Durmstrang and had her adopt the last name Krum to protect her after Voldemort failed to kill her and her brother.  Fate had pushed her to her brother.  Now she is transferring to Hogwarts and thrown into danger.  How will she survive with a whole new life and beat death yet again?

that would be m. Not the ripping apart the room. The detention.   :p
Reminds me of Potter AND Snape. And yes, looks wise, that's something Alex Russo would've worn.
Nope I could be dead in a ditch and my family wouldn't even flinch.  They'd sigh and arrange my funeral then move on with life.  I wish I had a brother like him
LunaGDS LunaGDS Aug 31, 2016
if my brothers where that protective since they barely are I would go crazy
Journalfreak Journalfreak Apr 13, 2016
Love it love it love it please write more stories u are a fantastic author bad think of the greatest things hybridhuman316
Where are the upper case letters it makes it kind of hard to reac