My Dream Come True... I'm a Werewolf's Mate! (boyxboy)

My Dream Come True... I'm a Werewolf's Mate! (boyxboy)

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Dimitri By 4evrGay Completed

Sora, a crazy, openly gay teen with one really close friend has always been in love with myths, mostly myths about animals. He knows everything and anything about mythical creatures and the legends behind them. Find out how he reacts when he meets an accual werewolf and turns out to be his mate!

There will be cursing and dangerous acts in this story, do not try to react these acts unless you wish to be hurt or get arrested by the guys with handcuffs. Thank you.

hehehe I have always wanted to say that........ Okay move along. Go read.... Now.

callie4115 callie4115 Feb 26
Ok, so he's alright that his mate is sleeping with someone else. Snow?
TotallyAwkwardKid TotallyAwkwardKid Jul 26, 2017
I have an inhaler but making sure it was on me was too much effort so my mind was like don't take the medicine than I don't have the condition so now I just casually huff and puff at random and sometimes awkward points 😂😂😂
Lol!love how he didn't care about her calling his ass fat but then is like is my ads really that fat.PRICLESS
Cause holding a bear-sized🐻 wolf over your head and pulling it out of a huge pit of mud is COMPLETELY normal. We can all do it! You just have to believe! And try it!🙂
casually took home a supposed wild wolf that you speculated as injured. lol. but he's not a mere wolf & neither injured... you're just lucky you're his mate. dang.
would be one helluva classic horror story. like that one very old movie where a haunting cursed four-poster bed which would eat anyone who slept on it. *shudders* i don't remember it's title though.