My Personal Bully (bxb)

My Personal Bully (bxb)

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Princess Potato By SweetxPotato Updated Aug 29, 2016

Hi guys, I'm Theodore Adams and this is basically the story of my life.

Theodore Adams is your typical openly gay boy that gets bullied everyday by brainless jocks and slutty cheerleaders. His best friend, infact, his only friend, Ginger Parker never fails to be his knight in shiny amour, except the fact that Ginger is a girl, which is totally not Theodore's type.

Dimitri Black is the school hottest guy and also the bad ass of the school. He is Theodore's main bully and he never fails to humilate Theodore everyday in school. Even though, he is popular, he has only 1 best friend, a friend that he can trust his secret with and that is Matt Parker.

But, there is actually a story behind what happen between the two of them, read on to find out.

*Sorry, i really suck at descriptions

5SOS_Phan 5SOS_Phan May 14
i've never heard of fairy being used as an insult. it's refreshing 👍🏼
BITCH stay 10 feet away 
                              *Back up*
                              Stay that length because I don't want your small dick disease if you have one and no I didn't miss you..."fairy"
                              *Struts away with a sway of the hip*
                              P.s he probably has a big dick but whateve
Maku-Tan Maku-Tan Jul 27
Boy, are you sure those are real? Come on, wipe your stomach and let me see if it isn't just really good paint.
                              WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE WAY OLDER THAN ME
                              WHY AM I ATTRACTED TO GAY MEN
                              SEND HEPP
rimachan56 rimachan56 Jun 30
The picture of you will always remind me of the kindness that you show too people
I was thinking of either reading this book or skipping 
                              then my eyes caught the weird potato 
                              and I thought 
                              oooh something in common I see 
                              I shall read this book 
                              it better be complete!!