What I Have Left

What I Have Left

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Noah - Quite and loving, gets bullied for being gay. He doesn't talk to people and deals whit depression at times because of the way he isolates himself. All he truly wants is to be accepted. What will it take to get him out of his shell.

Theodore - A soccer player who hides his true self. He is a in the closet  gay and loves Noah, his ex best friend.  What will it take for Noah to forgive him for what he has done and love him?

(BoyxBoy) This is a story about love and what it is worth. Two boys, Noah and Theodore, go through the battle to fight for what they want and acceptance they deserve. I hope you take the time and hear the story about how love can truly conquer all.

Warning: There is mention of self harm.

Does he choose not to talk or what? Have I already read it, and missed it?:
I was/am on Prozac and it makes you even more suicidal first, then numb
CryingMinx CryingMinx Jul 02
Gosh im so happy rn, ive read so many self-harm bl fics thats its become hard to find them xD thank youuu
Sadly I can relate . People don't seem to understand that guys can have eating disorders
The tears cant stop rolling down my face...why cant they stop!?!?
MichaelPizza95 MichaelPizza95 2 days ago
I love these first time readers 😂😂 they have no idea whats coming