The Book of the Mentally Insane

The Book of the Mentally Insane

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People think living in a small town is peaceful. 

You get to talk to your neighbors, hear the small town gossip, maybe even find true love...well that's what happens in the books anyway. But I'll let you in on a little secret. 

Small towns are definitely not peaceful. 

Everyone knows everything about everybody. The things you want to be kept secret are exposed. The things you wished weren't true are. 

Nothing is private. 

Now the small town I'm living isn't filled with secret vampires or werewolves with a sexy six pack.
The small town of Pinewood is filled with people. Normal, regular, everyday people. Or so they appear that way. 

Pinewood is filled with mentally insane people. I know who they are. Where they live. What caused them to become insane. This book is a book of truths. This book is filled with secrets no one else knows. This book is mine. 

This, is the book of the mentally insane. 


DISCLAIMER: There are things in this book that could be scary for younger children so I suggest you're 15+ if you're going to read this book. This book also talks about suicide and other forms of dying that could be sensitive topics for some people.

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YesMadamV YesMadamV Apr 26, 2017
"Small towns are definitely not peaceful. Everyone knows everything about everybody." 
                              Story of my life.
CarlaVentic CarlaVentic May 16
U just told us that in ur town everybody knows everything and nothing was private?
BlackChanning BlackChanning May 01, 2017
the author repeats a lot suicide, probably the main character's killing herself/himself at the end
MackyRae2017 MackyRae2017 May 25, 2017
Yes. I know its the book of the mentally insane. you have said it 4 times now. would you like an award??
                              jk jk jk lmao XD
WorldHasToChange WorldHasToChange Dec 23, 2017
PangaRose5 PangaRose5 Apr 24, 2017
You put be twice... "The things you want to be be kept secret are exposed"