As Right As Rain

As Right As Rain

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Ghostface By livingthethuglyfe Updated Dec 09, 2016

I held him as he shook with each sob. I whispered in his ear that I was right here, and that I wasn't leaving him. 

 And as his sobs became less vicious, I felt satisfied. I felt better because I had helped him. I had calmed him down in a matter of minutes.

 As he raised his face to look at me, his eyes told me everything. It frightened me, because I realized it then. He needed me.

 He had picked me up off of that dirt road, because he needed me.

 To save him.

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jorjakatex jorjakatex Jun 28
Wish Wattpad guys were real...that would do some good in humanity 😂
MamaMia748 MamaMia748 Oct 03
But.. no........cody!........... My beautiful cody...😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Until he turns out to be a kidnapper and locks her in a basement somewhere
Hmm, I personally don't think you can "fix" anyone. To me, all we can do is provide our fullest support and respect for others. Individuals need to decide for themselves what course to steer their lives otherwise the offered "solutions" may just be temporary. TL;DR I don't trust Cash atm
Dude, I did that every day at school and nobody kicked me out
Austin is finally gonna have a big part in this book compared to MSK!