My Bestfriends Boyfriend

My Bestfriends Boyfriend

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"This is wrong." I whispered pulling back.

 I immediately regretted the action. 

"Its only wrong if you think about it." He said pulling me back in. 

Fireworks exploded throughout my whole body. I wanted to stay that way forever. He gave me feelings I never felt before and the excitement of getting caught made the feelings stronger. 

But Brianna was my bestfriend. We grew up together and she was always there for me when I was getting bullied. 

"I can't Ryan. Its not right. She loves you and you love her and I am not ruining my bestfriends relationship." 

Ryan pushed me away from him and my head hit a hard object. I placed my hand over the spot that was hit and looked at him.

Terror filled me and a shiver ran through my body.

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This reminds me of that movie frenemies with zendaya and bella thorne
Tnis reminds me of foursome. Let me guess does nicole like josh??
Destane_is_a_penguin Destane_is_a_penguin Apr 21, 2016
Tris* and some people have not read the books so you should put a thing that says spoiler alert